Problems with getting GHC merge requests submitted


Hi all,

I have troubles getting a merge request submitted. The story is:

  • a full pipeline build takes many hours - let’s say 6+ with retries
  • because I can’t immediately retry a failed build, the wall clock time is actually longer
  • most of the time, by the time I can make all builds pass, the master branch has moved on and I need to rebase, at which point a full pipeline needs to run again

So at this point I’m somewhat surprised how hard is to get a patch in, given the current setup. And how flaky some of the builds are, to be honest.

Am I doing something wrong? I assume that, without priviledges, one needs a full up-to-date branch which passes the required builds, and then the Marge bot will peform the merge. But that moment seems far away :slight_smile:

Any suggestions?


Hi @iustin,

Thanks for your patch to GHC, it’s appreciated.

In short you don’t need to do anything to get your patch merged now. Once CI passes it will be rebased and merged either by the bot or manually.

By continually rebasing you are slowing down the process as CI has to pass before the patch will be merged. As you have observed this can take a while because quite a lot of different configurations are tested.

In future the places to ask for help are either on the merge request, #ghc on freenode or on the ghc-devs mailing list.


@mpickering - thanks a lot for the fast response. OK, lesson learned :slight_smile:, and all for a small doc doc patch :slight_smile:

The reason I was rebasing manually is because at one point, there was a full test pass, but nothing was happening (maybe I checked too quickly) - so I thought I myself need to do manual rebasing.

By the way, is there documentation somewhere about how the automatic merge works? I tried searching the haskell-cafe mailing list or this forum, but couldn’t find much. I wasn’t aware about ghc-devs, will try to look that up.