Registration for free online participation in 2023 GHC Contributor's Workshop

I believe that we’ve figured out all of the details for remote participation in the 2023 GHC Contributor’s Workshop, colocated with Zurihac. The event will be held on 7-9 June, 2023, and there’s a brief registration form for free remote participation that’s due by 5 June.

This is a workshop for those who want to get started working on GHC, those who want to understand GHC’s internals to better diagnose issues with their own code, and those who want to transfer lessons learned in GHC to other compilers. In this three-day event, you can learn what you need to know in order to get started working on GHC, right from the core team itself.

We will be using Zurihac’s Discord server as a chat platform and livestreaming the event with YouTube. To participate, please fill out this registration form by 5 June. Even if you’re already on Zurihac Discord, I’d like to be able to send a follow-up survey so that we can get better at online and hybrid events. The event’s website has the schedule and details about how to prepare.


Big thanks to all organizers for this rare opportunity to learn and for the inclusive effort to provide a way for the remote participants!

I’m expecting that many details would just fly over my head the moment I’m a bit too slow, but I believe that taking notes from presentations and doing the shopwork would be a great push forward already!

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This is just a gentle reminder to sign up for free remote participation today (AoE). I’ll email out the participation information tomorrow.