Text-Mode Games as First Haskell Projects

I see a decent number of newbies turn up around the community asking for ideas for something to build. I think text-mode games are underappreciated for this purpose. You can start hacking on one without any external libraries but they can also become incredibly complicated. I offer some general and Haskell-specific ideas for someone starting out:



This is a great post and I agree completely with the idea, games are one of the best places to start for people who have that “I know the basics but don’t know where to go next” unease. The mention of Pokemon was also serendipitous for me because a few days ago I started a project of writing a Pokemon battle simulator, first in C and then in Haskell, and then doing a writeup comparing the different approaches (and how they might not be so different after all).


+1! And help is available in the #haskell-game IRC/Matrix chat room
(#haskell-game:libera.chat, #haskell-game:matrix.org).


+1 i’m happy you did write examples of features (in increasing complexity)

makes it exciting!

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