VSCode: how to omit placeholders on function name completion?

When completing function names, VSCode extension inserts placeholders for function arguments containing their types. For example, completing fromMaybe results in fromMaybe a (Maybe a) inserted into the program. I don’t want this behaviour - is there a way to turn it off? I want only the function name to be inserted when doing the completion.

I’ve looked through the extension settings and haven’t found anything relevant - web search didn’t help either.

It’s an option in the extension settings. It has a slightly odd name iirc. It could also be global settings - but it’s definitely a flippable switch.

I think this might be helpful.

Thanks, this helped! For the record, adding

    "haskell.plugin.ghcide-completions.config.snippetsOn": false

to VSCode’s settings.json solves the problem.