Where to transfer ownership of Haskell libraries?


I’m the (admittedly bad) maintainer of several haskell packages with a moderate usage, but I don’t have any free time left to either doing the bare minimum maintenance work to follow GHC nor make them evolve. Is there some organization/group that take those kinds of packages under stewardship?

The three packages that would be nice if they wouldn’t rote away:


I think haskell-game org would be happy to carry it forward.


Writing in the README that the package is currently under or unmaintained and that you would happily transfer it to a willing maintainer would be a good first step (following this). If people depend on your packages they will heed the warning and decide if they want to step up for the ecosystem! You could even ping a couple of contributors.

There is also the Haskell GitHub Trust, but I am not sure it fits this bill.


I have a package on Hackage that depends on JuicyPixels, and would hate to see it rot. If nobody better steps forward, I could help with what you describe as the bare minimum maintenance but I don’t know enough to help it evolve.

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Hi @Twinside , I sent you an ownership invitation to the Haskell GitHub Trust. You can decide if that’s a good home for your packages. You can be an owner of Haskell GitHub Trust even if you decide not to transfer your packages there.

Thanks for writing and maintaining those packages! I also maintain IHaskell which depends on JuicyPixels, and JuicyPixels has always worked very well.


Thank you for the suggestions, I’ll look into the options (and update my README soon©)

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