Winghci shows neither prelude nor ghc version

Please comment, else help:

Following situation:

“Functional Programming for Dummies” (John Paul Mueller at Wiley’s)
Haskell 8.6.5 including winGHCi at my win10 laptop,

and problem then:

GHCi on Windows Prompt Sjhell else PowerShell shows the expected

GHCi, version 8.6.5: :? for help


shows neither Version nor generates a command prompt, whille editor (notepad) for *.hs files works

What am I to do in order to have WinGHCI usable ?

Thank you in advance


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WinGHCi does not seem to be maintained anymore. Your issue looks like this issue: That question is from 2017, so I don’t think it will get an answer anytime soon. I would suggest using GHCi in PowerShell. You could also try to manually compile and install it as described in this recent blog post:, but that sounds like a lot of work.

If you want to know how to use the command line GHCi instead of WinGHCi you can ask here. For example, the keybinding ctrl+r in WinGHCi is equivalent to typing :reload in the GHCi command line.

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thx very much for this answer, the description in the mentioned github 2017 issue maps exactly what I experienced.

As GHCi via powershell is available in my present installation, I’ll try to follow this advice. It’s really decades ago that I was to use a command line interface for programming, so it’s a rather nostalgic sensation :wink:

thank you again, anyway

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Happy that this issue was solved, way less happy to hear that «WinGHCi does not seem to be maintained anymore».

I currently use Visual Studio Code. It provides a nice syntax-highlighted editor, and includes the PowerShell terminal for ghci.

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