Announcing Neuron - Zettelkasten in Haskell

Zettelkasten is a smart note taking system, which I have been using lately with the help of my Haskell based renderer that I open sourced in the name of “neuron” (it uses the rib static site generator). See this post for details!


This is awesome, I just learned about Zettelkasten as well[1]. I started a design, but this is far more advanced. Thanks for sharing!

[1] -

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I’ve produced documentation for neuron here: and neuron is now ready for public use!

I don’t know if it is worth posting a new post for it, so I’ll leave a comment here.

Neuron version 0.4 was released, and here’s the announcement post:

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Excellent, I have been keeping an eye on this since it was released and am happy to see a new version; hierarchical tags especially are a great addition.

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Neuron version 0.6 (Pandoc edition) was released a couple of weeks ago!

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