DevOps Weekly Log, 2024-01-10

Hello, welcome to another weekly log.

I’m continuing to do devops for the Stackage migration. I’m in Phase 3 now, which is the data migration. As mentioned last time, there are Haddocks for nearly every package in every Stackage snapshot in existence living in a bucket, and I need to move that data into a new location. Predictably, I said that the hard part of the Stackage migration is over, and yet I spent most of the day today dealing with some errors I introduced, and I still need to migrate a few processes to use the new bucket. But I’m also continuing to learn a lot about how all the pieces of Stackage work together, and how they work with other parts of the Haskell ecosystem.

Being a good operator means building an intuitive feeling for how properly running system behaves. So I’ve also simply spent time observing the new processes and their usage patterns. Now every time you browse Haddocks on, you will be adding data to the graphs I’m watching. :eyes:

In other news, GHC meetings have picked up again after the holiday break. So here’s the next dump of GHC issue triage notes.

GHC issue triage notes