DevOps Weekly Log, 2024-04-24

Hello, welcome to the next weekly log. This one will be a short one, because most of my recent work has been knowledge-gathering, and there isn’t much to show for it yet.

  • Met with potential GSOC students in order to make recommendations to the admins. We’ll know the results in another week.
  • Began researching new options for providing reliable Darwin environments for GHC CI. I see a path forward here, and I’m looking forward to where this will take us.
  • Continued working on unraveling Stackage processes in order to present on it at the Haskell Ecosystem Workshop.

I did make one public-facing change:

Coming up, my primary goal is to finish the Stackage presentation and related documentation.

After that, I will need to split my time between two critical areas: developing the new Darwin environment for GHC CI, and improving the stability and reliability of Stackage.

That’s all for now!