[Hacktoberfest] Learn4Haskell — Learn Haskell in 4 PRs

Hi everyone! For this year #Hacktoberfest, we prepared something unique! We’ve created a beginner-friendly GitHub-hosted Haskell course — Learn4Haskell.

The course is also interactive, in a sense, that you can ask us for review and get feedback on your solutions. While completing the course, you can learn Haskell basics, and win a Hacktoberfest T-Shirt at the same time!

We hope you’ll enjoy it, and Happy October Hacking! :maple_leaf: :fallen_leaf:


How about making that repository a template repository?


I guess it would prevents the users from sending a pull request to that repository itself by mistake.

(But sorry I’m not 100% sure because I’ve never used it.)

@igrep That looks interesting :thinking: I haven’t used template repositories either. Though, we are currently fine with users sending PRs to our repo :slightly_smiling_face: So, no need to change settings urgently :ok_hand:

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