Haskell Foundation DevOps Weekly Update, 2022-10-26

Welcome to another installment!

In the last week, I have seen positive results of my CI improvements and made progress on some GitLab service migrations. I have:

  • Opened a number of GHC tickets representing real bugs. This superhuman ability to identify bugs is brought to you by CI: I watch the nightly builds and report on failures. This works because, through my improvements, CI is better at highlighting real failures now.
  • Studied the service description for GitLab components that need to be migrated. Thanks to NixOS, this amounts to reading a handful of code files, rather than trawling through a living system and hoping I don’t miss anything important.
  • Finally recovered from my ZuriHac cold (or Covid? But I tested negative twice.)

Currently, I am still just working on the service migration. Luckily I have plenty of time, which means I can do it carefully, make the process more repeatable, and identify future work. Incidentally, the services I am migrating are:

All of these run on the same storage-optimized server, which is graciously provided by Equinix Metal (formerly known as Packet).

Coming up, I expect this migration to take another week or so. Hopefully see you on the other side of it next week.


Upon request, here are the issues I’ve opened in the last couple weeks :slightly_smiling_face: