Simple Request!

Oilright you guys, I’m looking for someone who I could perhaps talk with
about Haskell topics/ask questions to about haskell things I am trying to get working.
I dont know if thats normal or if people are fine with it. I’m beginner so I’m fairly sure nearly
anyone reading this will have sufficient skills. Its totally free of course and there’s no musts or anything.
Basically instead of making posts asking questions I’ll be asking them in private from time to time.
Hope that’s fine.


There are a few places that you can ask, where you don’t need permission.

  1. There’s an IRC channel, #haskell, which you can also get to via the web at by entering a nickname and “#haskell” for the channel name. (There are many other ways to get to the channel, too, such as using an IRC client or a Matrix client, but that’s the easiest.)
  2. has a monthly thread called Monthly Hask Anything which is great for beginner questions.
  3. Asking on Stack Overflow.
  4. Asking here, in the Learn topic.

There are Discord and Slack servers, too, but the process of joining them confuses me, so hopefully someone else will jump in with instructions.


I second the IRC channel; the turnaround for a question there (unless
it’s complex) seems to be just a few minutes; immediate feedback!

P.S.: Libera also allows direct links to channels by simply suffixing
them to the above URL:
  (one also does not technically have to enter a Nickname, as
  "Guest*number*" is pre-filled, which may be preferrable if OP
  wants to stay anonymous).
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I hope I’m not getting anything horribly wrong, but the Discord server I frequent is the Functional Programming Discord server found at:

Once you’ve joined the server, the #haskell-* channels are where you’ll want to ask Haskell questions :+1:

I’m sure if you don’t already use Discord, just using that link should guide you through the process? :thinking: for the main page where you can download the client and/or create an account.

There is also a #haskell-beginners room on the fp chat slack. Its still where I mostly spend my time and answers questions when I can. should get you an invitation, if you have issues lmk!