Tweag Open Source Fellowship - funding and mentorship for open source contributions

Hi all,

I just want to announce that the September 30th deadline for the Tweag Open Source Fellowship is approaching fast. We provide funding and mentoring for open source contributions, and proposals from the Haskell community are very welcome, of course. We are open to any type of work, including non-code contributions like documentation, mobile or web applications, interesting hardware, research articles, modelling and more. Citing from the application description:

Projects must be aligned with our mission to advance the open source software ecosystem in a sustainable way: We believe that a community of users and developers is essential for the long term development of software. We therefore favour reproducible, shareable and composable contributions, and we favour contributions that align with community interests and integrate in larger software ecosystems.

If you have a project idea and are looking for funding, consider applying! All information should be in here:

Have a nice day and feel free to comment or reach out if you have questions. Please understand that we can’t upfront discuss project applications because they will be evaluated in an internal review process.

Matthias from the Tweag Fellowship team

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Hello Sir, Thanks for reminding.
I am interested in applying for Tweag Fellowship but I don’t have any project idea.

Hi @Shubhamlmp, Thanks for your interest. I’m afraid that that this year’s program might not be for you then. It is based on the idea that we work with participants on their own ideas. Maybe an internship is what you are looking for? Or, you can develop a project idea until the next application round that ends March 30th. Does this clarify?

Is Tweag hiring interns? I tried to send an email asking about that last time and did not get a reply.

Hi @daylily, We do hire interns. For example, recently we were looking for someone to work with us on Ormolu through our job board but right now no internship position is open. These positions fluctuate a bit because they depend on our internal needs contrary to the Fellowship that strictly runs twice a year and is open to project suggestions from the applicant.

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