ZuriHac GHC AMA: Submit your questions!

Have you ever had a technical question about GHC you didn’t get a good answer for?

Tomorrow, Saturday June 19, 17:00 Zurich time, there will be a GHC ask-me-anything panel discussion.

It will be live-streamed on YouTube on the ZuriHac channel.

We will have Simon Peyton-Jones and Ben Gamari on the panel as GHC developers, and we need you to ask them questions!

You can ask your questions:

  • Live via the ZuriHac Discord, channel #ghc-panel-discussion
  • Live via the libera.chat IRC channel #ghc; prefix your question with nh2: ZuriHac GHC AMA question:
  • Here any time (I will collect the questons until 1 hour before the event)

The questions will read to the panelists during the event.

We’d like to get technical questions about GHC, e.g. “how does class instance lookup work?”, not so much personal questions like “how long have you worked on GHC?”.

ZuriHac is the world’s largest Haskell Hackathon. It is free to join, and this year it is remote, so you can join simply by registering on https://zfoh.ch/zurihac2021/
Registering will send you the Discord invite, in case you want to ask your questions there.

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