Haskell Knowledge Map

Hi everyone :wave:

Haskell has a lot of topics, and we arranged them by difficulty and timeline to help with your learning!

Check our version of the roadmap to learning Haskell:


I see the map… but where is the road?

This diagram presumably answers a question. But what is the question? Please provide some examples on how to use it.

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I think the beauty of this map is that it allows many questions. One that it answers for me is “with my current knowledge, what’s a good thing to learn next?” But I can also see it being used as a high-level overview for newcomers, as a possible inspiration for the community to improve certain aspects, or to make topics more accessible. YMMV.

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It looks interesting but I don’t really understand how time and difficulty are orthogonal. So build tools are difficult as arrows, but take much less time to learn?

Or does time mean the order in which you should learn them?